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                New York Post Sunday, October 16, 1955

in naser's hideway
    Enroute from Cairo, Oct. 15--In the bustling Ministry of National Guidance in Abdel Nasser's junta there is a TOP SECRET file that's full of names, numbers and sizzling lowdown on the U.S.A.
    The file purports to tell all about the "Zionist conspiracy" which Egypt's soldier premier says is aiming daggers at the heart of the Arab world.
    I heard about it from Nasser himself during our 2-1/2 hour pow-wow Wednesday night in his little house. He told me he had so many reports on the so-called Zionist plot he didn't even keep them all. He said he had thrown the latest one away that afternoon. I asked if I could have it. The premier rose quickly from his frayed Morris chair, if you'll pardon the expression, riffled through the basket and said he was sorry it must have been emptied.
    Then he phoned his Director General for Information, Lt. Col. Abdul Kader Hatem, and said I would be over later to see the whole file. The old file turned out to be in Arabic but the young colonel, a pudgy, smiling press agent of Nasser's revolution, read these excerpts to me:
    America's press, TV and radio is not only under a hypnotic Zionist influence from without, as the premier had assured me, but was overrun with undercover Zionists' pushing Israel's side in the Middle Eastern crisis.
    Undercover Zionist teachers are poisoning children's minds against all Arabs.
    CCNY is full of Zionists.
    [Col. Hatem explained he meant Zionists as distinguished from Jews in general: "I like Jews myself. Many of my friends here are Jews, but I don't like Zionists. You are a Jew, Mr. Paul, and I like you."]
    Ten percent of New York's bankers and 2 percent of the nation's are Zionists. Zionists have infiltrated Henry Luce's Fortune Magazine. Hollywood is loaded with Zionists--on the top levels, that is. There was no mention of Marilyn Monroe. President Eisenhower is surrounded by Zionists. Gov. Harriman is a Zionist.
    [The premier had told me Harriman's praise of Israel after his summer trip there had alarmed him: "How can I feel safe? Mr. Averell Harriman may be President. How can I see myself if he will be President having in his hands the destiny of the Middle East and the world?]
    Col. Hatem said he could read me confidential reports, too, all from hot sources in the States, but it was getting late and Mr. Paul had to write a story about the premier and also catch a plane. The Colonel said he would send me excerpts--maybe even by diplomatic pouch. I am racing the stuff home now.


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